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Every house is haunted.

Explore a suburban house, collect cassette tapes, study the physiology of domestic architecture.

CW: Distorted/flashing images, body horror, strong horror themes

Estimated running time: 30-45 minutes

This game has multiple endings, be sure to play it multiple times for the complete experience

CONTROLS: WASD + Mouse to move, Left-click to interact, Space to jump, C to crouch, Esc to exit game

"It doesn't aim to startle you with a big monster or a loud noise. It's anything but predictable. And that's exactly what horror should be." -Playboy.com

"I don't sleep in my house anymore, because I'm afraid of what it's going to do to me. [... Anatomy] scared me in a way that no video game ever has." -CoolGhosts.net

"If your heart holds any childish fear of the familiar, any primal terror of the unseen and unheard, any discomfort at how much of ourselves we project onto our surroundings, any curiosity at our relationship to the edifice of our daily lives, then ANATOMY has something for you" -ZAM.com

"Anatomy goes all in for the scary bits, turning comfortable everyday spaces into weird, strange, unsettling beings." -RockPaperShotgun.com

"Whereas a lot of videogame horror lets you walk into a room and then have a monster spring out on you unexpectedly—a cheap scare—ANATOMY whispers in your ear that there's probably a monster in a room before you enter it, letting your own expectations grind you down to a tense wreck of a person. That it does this again and again draws the debilitating effect out, masterfully building up the terror but constantly denying you the begging release of a scream." -Killscreen.com

"ANATOMY offers a sequence of adroitly molded experiences which exactly produce that horror while simultaneously commenting on the mechanisms of its own production. It becomes a genre of playing which is capable of examining its own existence, meaning that, even while the game is ostensibly "domestic", it also becomes the most complete and unreal horror that Horrorshow has so far released." -Medium.com

"Skillfully raises the tension as it lures you into the deeper recesses of the house, laid out in a way that makes you dread turning every corner and opening every door." -GamingOnLinux.com

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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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